Immersed in History

Dear Bay Weekly:
    A friend and colleague from Missouri recently visited the area and brought her family. They made a special trip to the Calvert Marine Museum because of her young son’s interest in paleontology. Her son, Ben, had seen Dr. Stephen Godfrey featured in a National Geographic Prehistoric Predators special on Megalodon Sharks. The family was pleased that Dr. Godfrey agreed to meet five-year-old Ben and give him a special tour of the Calvert Marine Museum. Godfrey met them at the door and gave the family an unforgettable experience.
    I was able to tag along and was so proud. We have such a treasure in our backyard, and it is wonderful to see the Calvert Marine Museum appreciated through the eyes of tourists. A special thank you to Dr. Stephen Godfrey for his expertise, for his popularity among budding paleontologists and for his time that day. Also much appreciation to director Doug Alves and the many board members, staff and volunteers who devote many hours to making the museum extraordinary.

–Sue Kullen, Port Republic