In Memory of Bryan Criste

Dear editor,

Bryan Keith Criste was a class act—a caring, kind, loving soul.  His background speaks for itself as he served his country as a U.S. Marine warrior & a DC policeman hero–served his community in Deale, MD – by helping helped all those in need as a compassionate friend–who deeply cared about others in need.  Bryan came from a loving Mother, Father, supportive brothers and caring sister–but, he always made time for others less fortunate than he was.  I remember years ago hearing how Bryan and his Mom went into DC and delivered food, clothing to the homeless or needy—and often gave them a little cash as well. I loved hearing his stories and prayed for him often.  I feel blessed to have known and cared about Bryan–as a friend of his Mom…who noticed what a special man he was.  God must have needed a warrior, hero in heaven–so he took Bryan home to be with his loving Dad.  Rest in peace dear Bryan–you will never be forgotten in our hearts, minds, souls. Love and blessings from those who love you!’

—Connie Halkovich