It Works for Me


Bay Weekly What led you to a chiropractor? 

Janay Thompson My upper back and shoulders are always tense and tight. 


Bay Weekly How would you describe the experience?

Janay Thompson The experience was educational. Dr. Silva performed certain exercises with me and gave me exercises to do at home to continue to improve.


Bay Weekly Is it painful at all?

Janay Thompson During the appointment there are some parts that are uncomfortable, but no excruciating pain. After leaving the appointment, I definitely feel relieved that the targeted areas have been loosened.


Bay Weekly How often do you go?

Janay Thompson I went once a week in the beginning. I had improvement, so we reduced it to less frequent. I hope to try monthly visits.


Bay Weekly Does it work? Does it make you feel better?

Janay Thompson I definitely feel improvement afterwards, and I can see a difference when doing my exercises at home.