Kitties Galore

      A population boom of cats and kittens means that you can add one to your family for free.

         The usual $40 adoption fee for cats and kittens is waived through the end of September at the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter in Prince Frederick.

         Now cats of all ages and personalities are waiting to be adopted, including many kittens. Summer months are high kitten season.

         “We are also working closely with our rescue partners, including Friends of Felines,” says shelter manager Crystal Dowd.

         If welcoming a cat or kitten into your home won’t work, the shelter offers Linda’s Working Cats program. The program places cats unaccustomed to human contact or a typical home environment. These under-socialized outdoor cats can provide natural rodent control on a property. “They can work on farms,” Dowd says.

         Other places to put their eco-friendly, non-toxic pest control skills to work are barns, sheds, warehouses, retail stores, body shops, car dealerships, stables, greenhouses, nurseries, vineyards, distilleries, scrap yards or large garages or similar structures.

         Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Millersville is also overflowing with cats and kittens. The cost to adopt a cat or kitten there is $14. Senior Anne Arundel cats — those nine years of age or older — are available free to qualified adopters.

         All cats in both counties are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.