Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, 

According to members of the Anne Arundel County Delegation, House Bill 843, which would have allowed use of haul seines in Anne Arundel County waters, including the four communities that surround Lake Ogleton, was not voted out of the House Environment and Transportation Committee, and will go no further this year. 

Delegate Dana Jones, District 30A, was very instrumental in making sure members of the Committee and the Anne Arundel County Delegation were fully aware of potential adverse effects on local business, tourism, the environment, the Naval Academy, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and recreation on these waterways by commercial fishing using these seines, up to 750 feet in length as they evaluated whether or not to support this bill. She has laid strong groundwork if the bill is introduced in the 2022 legislative session.  

Thanks very much for bringing the issue to the Anne Arundel County community early and comprehensively in the Bay Weekly. 

–John Van de Kamp, 

Bay Ridge Civic Association Board of Directors