Letters from Readers

Big Bird Excitement in Calvert 

Dear Bay Weekly editorial staff, 

My wife Margee and I have been fans of the Bay Weekly for a long time. We look forward every week to its unique features (for example, the “Creature Feature” by Wayne Bierbaum). 

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve been excited to see a lone Great White Heron along the shoreline just south of Western Shores Estates in Calvert County. It is a variant of the common Great Blue Heron but an unusual visitor, rarely seen north of Florida (so we’re told). We’re not serious birders, but seeing this magnificent bird, almost 5 feet tall and pure white with yellow legs (i.e., NOT a white egret), was a real treat. I’ve attached a couple of photos (we have more).  

Thank you again for the Bay Weekly. 

–Bob and Margee Hazen