Meet Miss Misty

We have a confession: Although all of our cats have our hearts, some just pull at our heartstrings a little more. Meet the beautiful, silky Miss Misty.

After 11 years with the same owner, this sweet girl was surrendered to our rescue through absolutely no fault of her own. The end of May marked three weeks with us, and she’s still so sad, scared, and confused.

Some of us make special visits to hold her and pet her. She lets people pick her up, and she lays on our laps and purrs quietly. Misty sports a beautiful deep charcoal coat and captivating emerald green eyes. She makes intense eye contact, searching for some answers, reassurance that she’s gonna be okay, and most of all, love.

So far, we’re letting her have her own space to gain her confidence and spirit back, so we don’t know just yet how she may be with other cats or animals. With the right patient owner, she very likely can be assimilated into a loving household with other pets, although probably with companions on the quieter, laidback side of life.

She’s a healthy girl who needs consistency back in her life so that she can resume the comfy cat life she should be enjoying—we can’t wait to see her eating full meals and playing, but for now she’s still cautious and reserved.

This baby deserves a good home, and we’re dedicated to finding it for her. Please consider this lovely lady as the missing piece of your home’s heart! 

You can meet Misty at Calvert Animal Welfare League, 1040 Prince Frederick. Call 410-535-9300 or visit