Muddy Creek Artists Guild Pops Up Again

With no gallery to call their own, the Muddy Creek Artists Guild makes its followers wonder where they are going to pop up next. Surprise “keeps the Guild’s shows fresh,” says Elizabeth Ramirez, chair of the upcoming October show.

The Where’s-Waldo approach for the two-year-old Guild’s three annual shows creates “a sense of urgency” that “people have to take advantage of while it’s happening,” says Bea Poulin, photographer and Guild founder.

Impulse buys, induced by limited-time-only excitement, are on the opposite side of the color wheel from art galleries, which show art in one spot, day after day, season after season.

“Galleries are relied on to be open and available for last-minute purchases,” says co-owner Laura Emley Dixon of River Gallery.

Dixon finds a “familiar texture” in the Guild and her gallery, as they “both celebrate the creativity of a specific area.”

By opening membership to more artists than does a gallery, the Guild makes more artists by “putting art on the front burners” and “pushing artists’ limits,” adds organizer Janet Goldberg.

Best of all, Dixon says, both Guild and gallery “offer really fine local artwork at reasonable prices.” 

But the “roving band of intrepid artists” must first transform each new venue from blank canvas to fine art before the artwork parades in.

“Each piece remains individual and uniquely comes together,” in a three-day show of art ranging from sculpture to beadwork.

Meet the artists at receptions Friday and Saturday with live music by Gary Harmon (F) and Miriam O’Connor (Sa) (5-8pm). Sunday, the show closes with music by Andy and Vicki Garte (2-5pm). 10am-8pm FSa; 10am-6pm Su at Galesville Memorial Hall, 952 Main St.: 410-867-0078;