Vol. 8, No. 1
January 6-12, 2000
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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose …
New Bay Times Becomes Bay Weekly

It must have been Louis Goldstein, whose spiritual birthday was indeed the Fourth of July, George M. Cohen was thinking about when he wrote the song "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy."A Rose is a Rose is a Rose … New Bay Times Becomes Bay Weekly

What’s in a name?

In 1993 when we conceived of New Bay Times, we asked ourselves that very question. We chose a name that would reflect the niche we hoped to fill: A paper looking for new ways of covering news and new, sustainable ways of living on Chesapeake Bay in changing times.

In the seven years since, we have striven to live up to that goal, and the continuing support of both readers and advertisers shows that we have, to some degree, succeeded.

In our second year, we took a great step forward, moving to weekly publication. At that point we added to our name, becoming New Bay Times~Weekly.

We are taken with the name, and so, too, are some of you. Yet it can be a mouthful, and many have called us by other names, shortening and simplifying the name, while enjoying the product.
There’s nothing wrong with this, except that in a competitive market we must always strive to strengthen our roots and establish our identity.

And in seven years of publishing, we have established a great deal. Throughout our leg of Bay Country — from Severna Park to Annapolis to South County to Solomons — New Bay Times is the Bay Weekly.

And so, as we change the calendar to a new year, we change our name to better match what we are: Bay Weekly.

Bay Weekly. Nothing better describes what we do. Week after week, issue after issue, we publish the Bay’s news, news our readers want to read.

This name change is not a decision we make lightly. In fact, we’ve planned and deliberated for two years. We began with the address of our web site, bayweekly.com, launched in 1998.

Now, with the end of year and decade, the dawn of century and millennium, we make the leap.

As Bay Weekly, we don’t plan to change our coverage, we don’t plan to change our format and we don’t plan to change our service to you, our readers and advertisers.

Our commitment remains to the quality of this newspaper that you pick up week after week.

This week you’ll notice that our back page is a mirror image of our cover — except for the name: Bay Weekly. The same will hold true with next week’s paper. After that the two will switch.

We know that change does not always come easy. It will take some getting used to for all of us. Bear with us as we answer our phone, “New Bay … I mean Bay Weekly.”

And we will certainly understand if it takes some time to grow used to this change. So long as you keep picking up your free Bay Weekly every Thursday.

Copyright 2000
New Bay Times Weekly