Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 17
April 26-May 2, 2001
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What Was That Bird II

Dear Bay Weekly:

In response to Billie Hinnefield's inquiry regarding the large bird [Letters, Vol. IX, No. 13: March 29-April 4, 2001], I also was astonished to see such a large bird, and I wondered how the poor thing perished.

I did call the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center in Lusby on a separate matter and mentioned what I saw. The very friendly woman with whom I spoke referenced Cooper's hawks and red-tail hawks as very common. Not being an ornithologist, I wouldn't bet a crab supper to take a guess, but it did have extremely golden brown markings. I don't think it was a red tail or owl, but that's all I could find out. Pretty sure it wasn't a turkey vulture, and definitely not a Baltimore oriole.

Best of luck,

-Amy Jones, Rose Haven

Great Ideas Eight Days a Week

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for again providing great ideas in your calendar section. A few weeks ago, we happened on the spring peepers entry for an evening hike at Jug Bay. What fun! Naturalist Karyn Molines was terrific as she guided us through the park to a spring pond full of many varieties of frogs and toads. The mating chorus was so loud I almost needed ear plugs. Thanks for letting us know about a new spring tradition.

-Kathleen Litkowski, Annapolis

Editor's note: Have you noticed the new look in our calendar? To more clearly present you with a daily menu of choices of things to do in Chesapeake Country, "Good Bay Times" has become "Eight Days a Week." Our span is now Thursday to Thursday, except for theatre, exhibits and, of course, Plan Ahead. We'd like to know what you think of the changes.

Thanks for Good Organic Reporting

Dear Bay Weekly:

I appreciated the article "At the Old Naval Academy Dairy Farm, the Cows Have a New Attitude" by Sharon Brewer [Vol. IX, No. 16: April 19-25, 2001]. I thought she did an excellent job covering the range of issues related to the organic production and consumer choices. Thanks so much!

-Valerie Frances: Organic Certification Program Manager, Maryland Department of Agriculture

North Sympathizes with South

Dear Bay Weekly:

Being a long-time resident of Pasadena (aka Northern A.A. County to some Southern Marylanders), I certainly sympathize with the Deale-Shady Side residents over the "overdevelopment" issues. On the other hand, I can see that not all cuts and bruises can be mended via Band-Aid.

Many of my passions lie in the Deale-Churchton area. Hence I cannot help but notice self-serving opinions stapled to many beautiful trees lining Muddy Creek Road. Sentiments like "Burn the Nest" cause me to wonder where the "Goliathettes" earned their education.

Hopefully the outstanding letter by D.C. Bourne [Letters, Vol. IX, No. 15: April 12-18, 2001] will inspire the David in us all to stand tall while "walking up to the plate."

-M. O'Connor, Pasaden

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