Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 21
May 24-30, 2001
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Recognized with Respect

Dear Bay Weekly:

I thought Hanne Denney did a fine job writing "A Working Mother's 10-Hour Day With Your Kids" [Vol. IX, No. 19: May 10-16]. It's nice to see something positive written instead of negative. Your article spearheaded what we childcare providers are all about: the business of child care, not a sitting service. With that comes professionalism and respect - something that is rarely mentioned or recognized in today's society.

-Sue Davis, Glen Burnie

Littering Is Illegal - At Least in Virginia

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am writing this to express my thanks for your editorial ["Dirty Movies: When Real Life and Cinema Get Confused," Vol. IX, No. 20: May 17-23] on the plague of trash on the roadways.

I traveled to Virginia yesterday with my mother. Not a single sign did I see on a Maryland road warning of littering fines. Interestingly, I did see a man and woman gathering trash along Route 29 as we approached Columbia. Apparently, others are getting fed up, too. Once we crossed into Virginia at Point of Rocks, the second sign I saw after the Welcome to Virginia sign was the one that stated: "Littering is Illegal." Hooray!

For the past few days, I have looked in vain for the "Adopt-A-Highway" signs that I remember seeing along the roads. They all seem to have disappeared with the exception of a couple on Veterans' Highway in Anne Arundel County. I believe the sign removal arose from the flap over the [Ku Klux] Klan wanting their sign, too. The county executive decided to have all of the signs removed. Was it her intent to disband the program as well? From the looks of it, that seems to be the case.

Along my commute each week, the worst areas I see are along Forest Drive in Annapolis, Aris T. Allen Boulevard, and Route 97, both in the median and to the right of the roadway itself. Add to the trash the carcasses of animals that drivers could not (or would not) stop for, and the mess is appalling.

We share the roads with one another. They take us to places both mundane and wonderful. Is it too much to ask that the roads we travel be clean? I am going to write the county executive and the State Department of Transportation about this. I am also encouraging my friends and neighbors in my community to do likewise.

Please know that you are not alone in your disgust and dismay over road trash and the disrespectful drivers who put it there. Thank you.

-Leona Hirtle, Annapolis

Hungry for Old Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

I'm a New England Old Bay seasoning head and I'm wondering if anyone might know where I could purchase old Old Bay-abilia: T-shirts, posters, mugs, old advertising displays, even furniture. About 10 years ago, on a vacation to Key West, there was a little table sitting on the sidewalk on Duval Street that had the OB logo on top. I still regret not taking that table and trying to get it on the airplane. Anyway, any info would be appreciated.

-[email protected]

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