Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 23
June 7-13, 2001
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St. John's Honors

Dear Bay Weekly:

Kudos on the article "Seniors in Spring" [Vol. IX, No. 21: May 24-30]. Christopher Heagy personalized the St. John's experience in a way that made one feel he was actually living it. Kolb's choice of Dostoevsky's book, Notes From the Underground, was a stroke of genius for Kolb as well as the readers of the article. As a matter of fact, many articles have been written on St. John's College recently but I feel that this is, without a doubt, the best. Congratulations to Bay Weekly!

-Meg Mitchell, Annapolis

Nuclear Saves the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

I understand that many have an emotional antipathy toward anything having to do with radiation, nuclear power or radioactive waste. In the interests of our Bay and the environment I feel you should have mentioned a few facts in favor of nuclear power in your editorial as well.

To start with, comparing any American reactor to Chernobyl is like comparing the safety of a new Boeing 747 against an old Russian airplane that has been sitting in a junkyard for 40 years. The Chernobyl reactor is of a design that is not used for power plants in America to start with, and more importantly, it was not in a containment vessel.

The Three Mile Island reactor accident did less harm to the Chesapeake Bay than motoring a dinghy across the harbor. The containment vessel worked as designed, and no radioactive waste was released. There was no pollution caused by this accident at all.

Calvert Cliffs has never done anything to the Bay except make it warmer in the vicinity of the cooling water outflow. Think of the thousands or millions of tons of greenhouse gases and millions of gallons of acid rain that have not been generated thanks to Calvert Cliffs. Think of the tons of sulfur dioxide, lead and radioactivity not released by Calvert Cliffs.

Yes, coal-burning power plants release radiation. There are small amounts of radioactive substances in coal that are released when it is burned. Think of all the environmental degradation caused by the mining and burning of coal that did not have to happen for Calvert Cliffs to run.

If you want to have renewable energy that is fine, but I used to sell both solar and wind power equipment. It is far more expensive then most people realize.

-Joe Della Barba, Annapolis

Still More at Loch Less

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bo Sinnlich certainly did not miss a trick at Loch Less Farm [Diversions and Excursions, Vol. IX, No. 21: May 24-30].

I work across the street at Ace Hardware and have been sending customers to Betty for years. The article on her farm was a fun thing to read. Every comment was perfect. I have been careful not to run over the three-legged dog, sometimes a bit scared of the 'big dog.' And often startled by the peacocks. The comment "delightful chaos" was perfect, as were the observations about the roosters and other birds.

Betty's farm is a place everyone should visit and take their children, provided they keep them in control. As far as I am concerned, there is no other place for me to purchase flowers.

-Richard MacWilliams, Owings

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