Vol. 9, No. 26
June 28 - July 4, 2001
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Say It Again: 101, Fun and Sun

As Michael Jordan proclaimed in a two-word press release when he returned to basketball a few years ago:

"I'm back."

"I" in this case is Bay Weekly's time-honored "101 Ways to Have Fun: An Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay," which you'll find nestled into this issue like a sautéed soft-shell crab between slices of French bread.

Over the years, "101 Ways" has become a favorite of our readers and advertisers, judging by the phone calls we started fielding about it this April.

("Sit tight," we'd say, "summer is a ways off.")

Well, Chesapeake Bay's majestic summer finally is here. And so is another original "101 Ways."

What you'll find is a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities, a hang-on-to-it reference on enjoying life when life can best be enjoyed.

In these pages, you'll discover a guide for almost any outdoor pursuit you can dream of in, on or along the Bay.

Besides tips on fishing and boating, you'll find more than a few suggestions on expanding your horizons. Are you ready to "Swim in Magical Luminescence" or to "Camp Out With Ghosts"?

There are ideas aplenty to deliver you from bland eating during a time when you don't really want to cook. (How about an early evening meal of seaweed soup and blackberry cobbler?)

You'll see more than a few recommendations for journeys of discovery. Among them: "Find Out Where in the World You Are" and "Take a Trip Topless" - not as risqué as it sounds.

As always, kids are a prime focus in Bay Weekly. But remember, summer is the time when the kid in all of us bubbles up to the surface. So take special notice when you see the letters NJFK - which, as you may recall, mean Not Just For Kids. So as long as you have your "101 Ways" nearby, you may be excused for singing as you swing, playing Frisbee with a dog or engaging in a watermelon seed-spitting contest.

In past years, faithful readers have put check marks by the dozens of suggestions they've heeded and brought in their dog-eared "101 Ways" to demonstrate their energy. You may do so too, but if we're not in the office there's a reason:

We're out doing research for next year's "101 Ways to Have Fun: Bay Weekly's Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay."

Copyright 2001
Bay Weekly