Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 26
June 28 - July 4, 2001
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Papa, You’re Not That Old

Dear Bay Weekly:

When Papa Burton wrote "I wonder how a dozen or so artists would perceive this weather-beaten face that has been around for three-quarters of a century" [The Other Side of the Fence - Papa Burton Talks Back, Vol. IX, No. 24: June 14-20], I was suddenly reminded of Mrs. Della Sherbert Nutwell of West River ["Counting Candles Beyond a Century," Aug. 1-7, 1996].

Had Mama Della been around, she would no doubt berate Bill, 'Oh, come on now! You are not that old, Sonny. Stop fidgeting and sit still while they paint your portrait!'

So, Papa, please keep on writing for Bay Weekly and keep us posted. We love you "On The Bay."

- Eddie T. Yo, Davidsonville

Editor's note: 'Mama Della' died September 25, 1998, at the age of 112.

Portraits Done; Burton Hung

Dear Bay Weekly:

Your coverage of our Portrait Co-op with sportsman/columnist Bill Burton was a wonderful surprise ["Painting Papa Burton," Vol. IX, No. 24: June 14-20]. We enjoyed having you visit our Maryland Hall classroom/studio but were as totally unprepared for the detailed interviews with our individual artists as we had been for Wild Bill's 'Fish Stories,' one of which you fittingly worked into your story. He was a great subject and we loved his column about his stint on our 'throne.'

Bill's images are all framed now and on display at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's new Philip Merrill Environmental Center, where they - appropriately - gaze out on the Bay itself. It's a fascinating show, due in no small part to the fact that we worked our tails off because we knew you were writing about us!

- Phyllis Avedon, Annapolis

Where Does All the Water Go?

Dear Bay Weekly:

I first wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your paper, from the interesting local articles to the happenings around the Bay. I never miss an edition of your fun-filled paper.

I am a Midwest transplant to the Bay area and have recently moved to a waterfront community. I cannot believe I lasted this long living away from the water. I do, however, have what may seem a very simple question.

I live in the Chesapeake Beach area and follow the tide predictions that you put in your paper as well as other postings. I have been perplexed by one thing: There are days when the tide happens to be extremely low and several sandbars can be seen several hundred yards out into the Bay. Yet other days even at low tide times, the Bay only seems to fall a very small amount.

Can someone clear me up on this as I have researched several sites trying to find the answer?

Thanks again and I look forward to the next copy of your fine paper.

Newbie to the Bay,

- William Thomas, Chesapeake Beach

Editor's reply: For as good an answer as any, see Carolyn Stearns' Where Did All the Water Go? She, too, was new to Chesapeake Country and puzzled by the phenomenon of very low tides. Her fanciful and factual answer was first published in Bay Weekly, then as a children's book by Tidewater Publishers. The answer has to do with storms, winds, tides and the phase of the moon.

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