Vol. 9, No. 33
August 16-22, 2001
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The Best the Bay Has to Offer

We only have to pick up the daily newspaper - any daily newspaper - to remember why we at Bay Weekly do what we do. Murders … robberies … vandalism to churches … continuing conflicts in the Holy Land, of all places.

In starting Bay Weekly, we set out to bring readers something else, something better, the best, in fact, that the Bay has to offer.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about Bay Weekly, both from the stories we research and write, the people we meet in collecting those stories and the feedback we regularly receive from our readers.

For this special issue, the first in what we hope to make an annual tradition, we turned to you, Bay Weekly’s readers. And, oh-my, what you’ve given us. In this special issue, you will find the Best of the Bay, as tabulated by the thousand-plus responses from the surveys we published early this spring. Since then, we’ve been working for months to compile the votes and to add meaning and substance to what you’ve told us.

This survey is in no way an award-for-advertising. Many of our longtime advertisers and friends came up empty-handed in the Best of the Bay. Would that we could give them all an award for helping us to continue to publish the best news the Bay has to offer.

But our readers are a strict audience, and the votes tell their story.

Our aim, of course, is to assist our readers along Chesapeake Bay in their quest for high-quality living. That’s what we did with our immensely popular summer special, 101 Ways to Have Fun on the Bay. Now we hope we’re helping out again by letting you winnow down the choices of where to eat, what club to visit and even which public bathroom to select.

We know we’ll ruffle some feathers with the Best of the Bay, and we welcome your own personal favorites, which we will print as able in Letters to the Editor. Similarly, we hope that you will suggest any categories that we missed. Come February, the ballots will again run, and we hope the next Best of the Bay will only be better.

So see what your neighbor down the Bay has to say about where to partake of our region’s bountiful offerings. Or what we ought to be thinking about when it comes to public policy and protecting our surroundings.

Then spend some time seeing if your fellow readers were right.

Copyright 2001
Bay Weekly