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Vol. 9, No. 33
August 16-22, 2001
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Best of Kids on the Bay

The ballots are in, the results have been tallied, and it’s official: Bay Country kids have the most fun. Bay Weekly readers voted for their favorites on everything from toy stores to tattoos, french fries to fireworks. Check out these popular spots for kids- Are they your favorites too?

Best Kids Menu:
Tie! T.G.I. Friday’s/ McDonald’s
Along with their burgers and McNuggets, McDonald’s knows that entertainment is the most important part of any meal, and you can only watch your younger sibling stuff fries up his or her nose for so long: So you get cool toys like the classic Barbie and Hot Wheels combination. When you’re in the mood for a fancier night out,T.G.I.Friday’s serves up tons of choices: macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pizza, spaghetti, and many others in a festive, lively setting.

Best Place to Hang Out:
Chesapeake Beach Water Park
Water slides, pools, a lazy river and plastic palm trees earn Chesapeake Beach Water Park honors as the best place for kids. Its cool waters are the hottest spot in the Twin Beaches during the dog days of summer, when even the little guys (and gals) can get refreshed in the splashy shallows. This watering hole can get a little crowded, but when it’s this fun, the more, the merrier!

Best Ice Cream:
Ben & Jerry’s
Phish Food, Cherry Garcia – new rock and roll bands? No – Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors! Ice cream is the sweetest treat on the hottest days, when it melts onto your lap faster than you can eat it. Our readers agree, the best comes from this downtown Annapolis shop. Go with an all-time favorite, like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,or, if you’re adventurous, slurp up a double-scoop of Chunky Monkey, or buy it by the pint at nearly every grocery or convenience store.

Best Playground:
Calvert Cliffs Park
This playground is not only a romp in the park but a great new job for old tires and telephone poles. In this flubbery-rubbery world, you’ll find Chessie the Sea Monster, a rubber truck, and a great ship’s bow. From its 12-foot-high deck, you are master of all the playground, from the zip line to the slide to the swings to a triangular weird bouncy tire swing thingy to the ropes and ladders and metal climbing poles. It’s enough to keep you playing happy for hours - if you can get Mom and Dad to stop hogging everything.

Kids Calander

Eek, Ouch, Oops! - Sun, Aug 9 (2-3:30pm)–Don’t touch that! Find out what is in the woods that can make you itch, either plant or animal. Learn how to identify the things that can get you and how to avoid them, plus, how to relieve the irritation after the fact. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Prince Frederick. $3 w/discounts: 410/535-5327.

The Dinosaurs Are Back! - Fri, Aug 17 (10am)–Don’t run away just yet – first hear the story of Megalodon, the ancient shark who ruled the ocean in Megatooth by Patrick O’Brien. Barnes & Noble, Annapolis: 410/573-1115.

Very Hungry Caterpillars - Tues, Aug 21 (10-10:30am)–Big chunks are missing from leaves. Find out what’s been eating like its life depended on it. Tiny inch worms and huge green tomato horn worms are all around. See how they munch! Ages 2-3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Prince Frederick. $3 w/discounts: 410/535-5327.

Go Fish! - Tues, Aug 21 (5-8pm)–Summertime... and the fishin’ is easy. Bring your pole and tackle, bait will be supplied. Prizes for largest, smallest, and most unusual catch of the day. Bring a snack and a drink for evening fishing fun. Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown. $3 w/discounts: 410/535-5327.

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