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Vol. 9, No. 43
October 25-31, 2001
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The How-To Cowboy™
Secret, Magic How-To Fun Tricks

Want to really scare the heebie jeebies out of the Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night? Carve a Jill O’ Lantern out of a bell pepper, apple, eggplant, zucchini, almost anything found in the produce section at your local super market. Anything that is, except a pumpkin.

How to Carve a Jill-O-Lantern

1 To carve a Jill O’ Lantern you will need three tools: a sharp paring knife or grapefruit knife (be careful. Ask for your parents’ help!), a corer/parer and a tomato core-it.

2 Start with a large green bell pepper. Slice off the top an inch down from the stem. Remove the inner debris, seeds and stuff.

3 Using the paring knife, sketch a jagged-tooth smile, triangular nose and square or rectangular eyes on the widest, flattest side. Round ears on the side, too. Then cut and poke them out. Simple as that!

Drip some melted wax from a large candle inside the bell pepper (center, bottom). Gently screw a smaller candle (like a birthday candle) into the wax. When the wax hardens, light the candle, replace the stem top, and set on the porch in full view.

5 To really startle the Halloweeners, carve a Jill O’ Lantern from a red, yellow and orange bell pepper and set them around the green one. CREEP—EEE!

6 To carve an apple or eggplant, follow the above steps, but after sketching mouth, eyes and nose, insert the paring knife an inch deep and carve the sketched outline. Next, hollow out the inside using a corer/parer and a tomato core-it. Leave a 1&Mac218;4" to 1&Mac218;2" thickness. Use the large serrated-edge core/parer to remove large chunks and tomato core-it to scrape the inside smooth. In the hollowing process, the facial features will appear. Touch them up with a paring knife. Drip the wax. Set the candle. Light. SCARE—EEE!

7 Be creative. Try an orange, pineapple or tomato. How about a radish or strawberry? And on Halloween Eve, hold a candlelight vigil in a zucchini patch. Behold the Giant Zucchini!

Take on the How-To Ranch Hand Challenge:
Send a unique How-To trick to IM Press, Box 5346, Takoma Park, MD 20913 with step-by-step instructions and, If accepted, you will see your trick published in this space, and receive a LITTLE NED STORIES book and a $10 check.

Visit The How-To Cowboy, aka Edward Allan Faine at his website:

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