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Vol. 9, No. 43
October 25-31, 2001
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Dear Bay Weekly:
Somehow I missed the September 20 issue [Vol. IX No 38] and would like to read the review that Carol Glover wrote about the Colonial Players production of To Jillian on Her 37th Birthday. We saw the play and loved it, especially the acting of the two young women.

I always enjoy reading Bay Weekly and am angry with myself when I forget to pick up a copy each week.


— Barbara Cantor, Edgewater

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Praise for Parris Lane

Dear Bay Weekly:
I’ve traveled extensively throughout these United States, having seen professional performers from New York to Hollywood, but none can compare to the talent of Parris Lane of Annapolis.

As guest vocalist for the 2001 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, D.C., she captivated the audience of 2,500 or more with her rendition of “America the Beautiful.” There was not a dry eye in the Washington Hilton. Ms. Lane received a standing ovation that continued for several minutes.

I was so taken that I couldn’t believe she wasn’t famous. I was so intrigued that I reviewed her website, where I found such accomplishments as performing on a Maryland Public Television Emmy Award Children’s show. Most puzzling is that in all her performances and contributions, she has received minimal recognition.

I thank Ms. Lane for sharing her gift with us, and I thank God I was given the honor and privilege to be part of such a spectacular performance.

— D.E. Jonesi, Crofton

Naked at the Mall

Dear Bay Weekly:
At least three weeks ago, at West Field Mall with my grandson, I noticed, directly over the children’s playground, an oversized picture. It was of a naked man floating in a plastic cube. His rear end is slightly fuzzy but definitely bare.

When I asked the management of the mall why they had such a picture over the children’s area, I was told that other people had also complained and that it was being looked into. Since then, I have spoken to the mall several times and have been told each time that the picture is coming down. Yet there he floats, in all his glory, for every child to see.

Apparently, they intend to leave him up for the length of the contracted time with the advertiser, Nintendo.
I have noticed many stores going out of business in this mall. Perhaps one of the reasons could be their insensitivity to customer complaints.

— Karen Tuttle, Huntingtown

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