Letters to the Editor
 Vol. 9, No. 46
November 15-21, 2001 
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Hungry for Maryland Ham for the Holidays

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was reading an article you had on the Taste of Southern Maryland [Vol. VIII, No. 17, April 26–May 3, 2000] that discussed Maryland stuffed ham.

I am living in Texas and am planning on having Christmas day. Some of my guests lived in Maryland for a number of years and developed a liking for Maryland stuffed ham. Do you know of any restaurants/shops that will ship a Maryland stuffed ham to Texas?

Thank you.

— Elizabeth Hable, [email protected]

Editor’s note:
It’s getting harder and harder to buy a Maryland stuffed ham. Our sources have shrunk to two:

  1. Brandy Farms in Gambrills (410/721-6368) sells Maryland stuffed ham Thanksgiving to New Year, but they don’t ship.
  2. Chaptico Market in St. Mary’s County (301/884-3308) sells hams at $8.49 a pound, sliced, half or whole year ’round. But no delivery there, either.

So we’re well directed for where to get our Christmas ham, but not much help on where you’ll get yours. Maybe our readers can help.

Solomons’ Shifting Distance?

Dear Bay Weekly:
In traveling from the Annapolis area toward Calvert County on Maryland Route 2, I have found the road signs are a bit strange, to wit:

At the intersection of Route 2 and Route 214 in Edgewater, a sign states that Prince Frederick is 31 miles and Solomons is 52 miles, a 21-mile difference between the two towns.

Farther down Route 2 at Route 255 (still in Anne Arundel County), a sign states that Prince Frederick is now 24 miles and Solomons is 42, an 18-mile difference. This 18-mile difference continues on signs at Route 256 and Route 261.

However, at the intersection of Routes 2 and 4, the sign states that Prince Frederick is now 10 miles and Solomons is now 30 miles, a difference of 20 miles.

If traveling south on Route 4, at the intersection of Route 260, you find a the sign stating that Prince Frederick is 17 miles and Solomons is 38 miles, a difference of 21 miles. The next mileage sign is at the intersection with Route 2 as above.

My question is just how long is the official distance between Prince Frederick and Solomons?

Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

— David Roth, Prince Frederick

Editor’s note:
According to the state highway administration, distances are ballpark figures taken from state highway maps, with round-off points added or subtracted. What’s more, signs are erected separately, not in coordination. Such practicalities affect the distance you see, as do inaccuracies in your own odometer. As you get closer, mileage will be more precise, so you won’t miss your destination.

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