Volume 12, Issue 7 ~ February 12-18, 2004

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Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: Music columnist Matthew Pugh hasn’t finished feeling the heat over his review of the Anne Arundel County High School Battle of the Bands [Vol. XII, No. 5: Jan. 29]. Here, in abbreviated versions, is more of what his critics — and one supporter — had to say.

More Battling about Bands
Dear Bay Weekly:
Seriously man: You need to get over your let’s-bring-down-high-school-musicians-who-try-very-hard-everyday self. If you knew the first thing about music, you would know that constant changes in temperature expand and change the size of the strings and the metal holding the strings in place, making it sometimes out of tune. About the guitars being over the brass: How do you blame that on us? Do you see a sound board up on stage that we can tweak every chance we get in our limited 15-minute set? I would like to see you do any of these things that these kids can do.

Why don’t you try saying something good about a band that didn’t get first through fourth place? So I’m gonna be just like you: You suck at writing articles for this great local newspaper.

— Drake Beckner: Westin, Southern High School

Dear Bay Weekly:
How dare you call yourself a music critic. The entire article published was extremely rude and unnecessarily insulting toward high school kids who are just trying to have a little fun with their bands. Those kids had the guts to stand up on stage in front of 750 of their peers and play their hearts out while you were hiding behind your pen and paper jotting down notes of every single slip-up.

— Cait Gillespie, Crofton

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was a viewer at the Battle of the Bands and your article was not accurate. This also happened last year when you attempted to make every band seem like they are horrible when in fact they are way better than anything you yourself can put out. My final comment is that your opinion really doesn’t matter to anybody who knows about music because if you knew enough and if you were a good reporter then you wouldn’t be with Bay Weekly.
— Mike Dwyer, Lothian

Dear Bay Weekly:
I have been involved in the area teen music scene for the past four years. My son was in two local bands. I attended most of his shows, allowed practices to be held at our house and supported him in any way possible. I also got to know kids in other bands and also their fans. When Danny’s band, Item 16, played at the Battle of the Bands, I saw firsthand what a thrill it is for the bands. Imagine being able to play a wonderful place like Maryland Hall in front of a large group of people. That is something these kids will remember for a lifetime.

It’s not about the talent level of these kids, it’s about the fact that they’re out there doing something positive. Someday, Mr. Pugh, if you have children of your own, you will thank God that they make it through their teenage years staying on the right path. And I hope that whatever they’re involved in, they are not subjected to the negative attitude you have shown these kids.

— Nancy Mays, Crofton

On the Other Hand …
Dear Bay Weekly:
Thanks to Matt Pugh for his honesty in the Battle of the Bands article. Personally, I think he was being too nice.

— Christine Krebs, [email protected]

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