Volume 12 Issue 26
June 24-30, 2004


Dock of the Bay
What in the Well is Going On?
Filling a Delegate’s Shoes
Ask the Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Of wells and ills

Bill Burton on the Bay
Marooned with no landmarks

Chesapeake Outdoors
On the Trail of the Hounds

Something’s Missing in Our Sense of Place

Letters to the Editor
Access Decreased at Sandy Point State Park
Family Values Hits the Spot
Department of Corrections

Bay Reflections
A Cautionary Tale
by Helena Mann-Melnitchenko

Burns on The Chronicles of Riddick

Curtain Call
Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre’s Gypsy
reviewed by Lauren Silver

On Our Cover:
From Soccer Mom to Soccer Coach
Photo by Vivan Zumstein
Title IX put girls on the field; necessity is recruiting their mothers.

From Soccer Coach to Soccer Mom
by Vivian Zumstein
Your son has been assigned to a team with no coach. If a parent doesn’t step forward, we will disband the team. That’s how many parents — mothers as well as fathers — get sucked into coaching boys’ and girls’ teams.

New Digs at Old London Town
Visitor center rises to link past and future.
In this new century, London gets closer every day to the town founded in 1683 as a tobacco port. by Becky Bartlett Hutchison