Volume 12 Issue 46
November 11 - November 17, 2004


Talking about Moral Values

Letters to the Editor
Better Smoking Than Preaching
Gilchrest Thanks Voters
Reader’s Choices

Bay Reflections
The Army Couples
A Civilian Remembers World War II
by Kendra Palmer

Bay Life
Some Things You Can Count On
Like Clockwork, Tundra Swans Return to Chesapeake Bay
by Bruce Bauer

Bill Burton on the Bay
Tilting at Windmills
When All the Oil Is Used up, the Wind Will Still Blow

Dock Of The Bay
Audiences Overwhelmed by Talent
B.I.G. Book Sale Benefits Readers at Home and Abroad
At Veterans Day, Remembering the Great War
Ask The Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Earth Journal
How We Caught Our Own Fall Fish Fry
by Carol Swanson

Earth Talk
Build Your Green Home of Mud or Steel
What are the environmental benefits of an all-steel home? What other kinds of green homes are on the market today?

On Our Cover:

Our Lead Story
A Veterans Day Memoir
I Was Young, and Time Was Short
by Robert B. Bockting

Movie Review:
The Incredibles– Jonathon Parker

Curtain Call
Twin Beach Players’ The Foreigner ~Reviewed by Carrie Steele