Volume 13, Issue 16 ~ April 21-27, 2005


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    Letters to the Editor

    We welcome your opinions and letters — with name and address. We will edit when necessary. Include your name, address and phone number for verification. Mail them to Bay Weekly, P.O. Box 358, Deale, MD 20751 • E-mail them to [email protected]. or submit your letters on line, click here

    Spring Peepers’ Last Song

    Dear Bay Weekly:
    Here’s a spring ritual no one should miss. In the evening, as you head west from Route 2 on Route 214, there’s a spot almost directly across from the BB&T Bank (the little shopping area were they’re building a Safeway). As you approach the bank on your left, slow down, turn off your radio and roll down the window. There’s a fantastic little wetland in the woods by the road. It’s a favorite of spring peepers, and every year they come to this spot. For an instant as you drive by, you’re serenaded to an almost deafening jingle-bell song of these tiny frogs.

    I mention this only because I recently noticed a For Sale sign nearby to develop the woods either commercially or into a housing development. No doubt as this happens, the wetland that these very vocal amphibians visit each year to mate will disappear; so will that song. I know peepers can be heard all over the county, but this spot hosts a particularly large number of choir members. So if you get a chance as you drive down the road, listen. It’ll probably be the last time you hear this spring chorus here.

    —Kathy Reshetiloff, Davidsonville

    Flog All Who Voted against Maryland’s Clean Car Bill

    Dear Bay Weekly:
    In a word: Amen [to your editorial “What Would Ghandi Drive; Vol. XIII, No. 12: March 24]. I was crushed to find out the Clean Car bill was defeated, but perhaps more disappointing was that I only learned of this the night I ran into the lobbyists for the legislation at Sean Donlon in Annapolis.

    I consider myself an active member of our community; however it’s not easy to keep up with what’s going on politically. I don’t watch mainstream news (no time); don’t get the newspapers (inconvenient form of media). Anymore if it’s not on the Internet or in an e-mail to me, I may not know it exists.

    I get a daily e-mailed newsletter from the police department telling me about all the local activity the day before, and it helps keep in touch with who is robbing who and where. I’d welcome with open arms a similar web-based service from the State House letting constituents know what’s coming up and what we can do to help push or pull a particular piece of legislation. I’m hoping it exists and I just don’t know about it.

    Everyone that voted against this should be flogged.

    —TMcArdle, via e-mail

    Iowa Fifth Grader Seeks Souvenirs

    Dear Bay Weekly:
    My name is Courtney Hytrek. I am a fifth-grader from West Ridge Elementary School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying geography and the history of the United States. I would appreciate it if you would send me souvenirs, post cards or other information about Maryland. My teacher would like to have a car license plant for the school project if possible. I greatly appreciate your time.

    —Courtney Hytrek, c/o Mrs. Newlin’s Class; 1401 19th St.; West Ridge Elementary School; Harlan, Iowa 51537

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