Volume 13, Issue 41 ~ October 13 - October 19, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Good News for Humane Society

Dear Bay Weekly:
Thanks to you, M.L. Faunce and Marnie Morris for that great coverage of The Humane Society of Calvert County’s Open House [Volunteers at Humane Society of Calvert County Walk the Walk: Vol. Xiii, No. 36: Sept. 8]. Our event was quite a success because of your coverage. Many successes came from our event: some new volunteers, more foster homes for our animals and adoptions.

Your help was greatly appreciated by us and the animals.

—Jody Shaver, Humane Society of Calvert County’s Open House

From Ada Mae to Chesterpeake and Back

Dear Bay Weekly:
In scrounging the Internet for information on the skipjack Chesterpeake, I blundered into a reference to the vessel in an article by Bill Burton. I am trying to find information and photographs of Chesterpeake before, during and after her career with Natty Boh and Frank Hennessy. If any of your readers have information, I would certainly appreciate hearing from them.

While Natty Boh is no longer around, Chesterpeake is alive and well.

Chesterpeake was built as the Ada Mae on Rose Bay, North Carolina, in 1915. A decade ago Billy Phillips of Baltimore donated the skipjack to the Institute for International Maritime Research, Inc., and brought her back home to Washington, North Carolina, for restoration. Once certified by the U.S. Coast Guard she will be operated by Carolina Coastal Classrooms of New Bern, North Carolina, in an educational program similar to those operating skipjacks on the Bay.

Ada Mae is 90 this year and will be hard at work teaching young and old students about the coastal martitime heritage she has been a part of for almost a century.

We would very much like to hear from individuals on the Chesapeake who might have information on Ada Mae’s career in Maryland waters.

—Gordon Watts, Director: Tidewater Atlantic Research, Washington, N.C.; [email protected]

The Otter Lives

Dear Bay Weekly:
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading Christy Grimes’ wonderfully entertaining 2000 article entitled  “Becoming the Otter” [Vol. viii, No. 19: May 11]. It was so hilarious reading her vivid description of her experiences in donning that unwieldy costume. I really admire her courage to do it. It sounded like such an experience, I wish that I lived in the area so I could try it out!

—Christopher Cox, Vacaville, California

Editor’s note: Back in May, 2000, Calvert Marine Museum’s otter mascot helped us celebrate Bay Weekly’s seventh birthday. It was a hot day, but reporter Grimes took a turn in the suit to tell a memorable story.

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