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Volume 13, Issue 43 ~ October 27 - November 2, 2005


The Ghost Fleet's Graveyard
In Mallows Bay’s nautical ossuary, the bones have stories to tell;
by Reed Hellman

On the Job ~ The Psy-dentical Twins

Allyson Walsh and Adele Nichols: “All we need is to hear a name or a birth date to get things started.” by Suzanna Brugler

Way Downstream ~ Watch out for the big blue crab at BWI; he’s lurking in Southwest Airline’s new Terminal A mezzanine … Leaving the post in the ’06 Governor’s Stakes race, O’Malley’s out in front, followed by Ehrlich and Duncan neck and neck … In Virginia, it’s likely chicken manure was responsible for this summer’s Shenandoah big fish kill … In Germany, the world’s largest, stinkiest flower blooms … plus last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: On the Galapagos Islands, can giant tortoises move faster than lava from the erupting Sierra Negra volcano?


Editorial Letters to the Editor Bay Reflections

~ Forecasting a future for seahorses

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~Don’t let your garden go naked

Bill Burton ~To kill or not to kill: Are hunters murderers or wildlife managers?

Earth Journal ~ As American as immigrant pie; by Gary Pendleton


8 Days a Week ~ Bay Weekly’s guide to good times; by Carrie Steele

Music Notes

Curtain Call ~ Colonial Players’ The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife: “A serious comedy played on the boundary between comedy and tragedy.” reviewed by Dick Wilson

Flickerings ~ Burns on Doom: “This film reduces the skeleton of a story to a simple pike upon which it can impale bloody shanks of friend and foe.” … Plus Elizabethtown; The Legend of Zorro; Saw II; The Weather Man

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