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Volume 13, Issue 52 ~ December 29, 2005 - January 4, 2006


Year In Review

Banner Days
–Audrey Y. Scharmen, January 6

From Big Muddy to Our Great Shellfish Bay
–Albert ‘Abby’ Ybarra, January 13

Farewell WHFS, Where I First Met Good Music
–Erin Huebschman, January 20

My Last Chance at Sledding
–Vivian Zumstein, January 27

A Modest Proposal: The Future Is Not Slots
–Colin Malloy, February 3

The Bay in Winter
–Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, February 10

Shop at Mega-Mart and You’ll Need Time and a Flare Gun
–Allen Delaney, February 17

Tracking Being in a February Melt
–Vivian Zumstein, February 24

With This Snow, I’ve Seen Enough of Two-Faced Winter
–Audrey Y. Scharmen, March 3
For Women’s History Month — Remembering Women in Military Service
–M.L. Faunce, March 10

Listening for Spring’s Arrival
–Kathy Reshetiloff, March 10

Welcome to The Twilight Zone
–Dick Wilson, March 17

Thanks to One and All
–Allen Delaney, March 31

Welcome Ada Olivia Knoll. Grow Slowly, Sweet Babe —We’re Not Finished with the World We’re Making for You
–Sandra Olivetti Martin, April 7

No Nats in Naptown
–M.E. Travaglini, April 14

Earth Day, This Day
–Audrey Y. Scharmen, April 21

Who Has That Kind of Time?
–Lois Nutwell, April 28

My Grandmother’s Hands
–Vivian Zumstein, May 5

How I Rediscovered Summer
–Albert ‘Abby’ Ybarra, May 12
Another Bright Idea in a Less-than-Brilliant World?
–Pat Piper, May 19

Late Spring Surprises
–Mark McCaig, May 26

Carson’s Special Stick
–Gail Easterling, June 2

Take a 1,000-Year Lease on the Bay
–Howard Ernst, June 9

Daddy Taught His Daughters How to Fish
–Gail Easterling, June 16

The Fish Whisperer
–Larry Fogel, June 23

I First Met the Bay in a Book
–Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, June 30

Two Fins Against One: Surprise Abounds on our Bountiful Bay
–Chris Justice, July 7

Bon Appetit, Julia!
–Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, July 14

This Time of Year, Life Is Peachy
–Vivian Zumstein, July 21
Feelin’ Crabby
–Joan B. Lehmann, July 28

My Book of the Bay Has Many Chapters
–Stefani Hutchison, August 4

How Much Are You Willing to Pay to Save the Bay?
–Gary Pendleton, August 11

–Vivian Zumstein, August 18

Mud Tide: Hunter-Gatherers Make Hay While the Water’s Gone
–Mark McCaig, May 26

Little Girl Found
–Audrey Y. Scharmen, September 1

The Storm Weatherer’s Guide to Living Well in Hurricane Season
–Barbi Shields, September 8

Birds and Baseball ~ The Nats May Not Be Orioles, But They Offer Similar Rewards
–Mark McCaig, September 15

Smoking Blues
–Joan Lehmann, September 22

New Life in the Old Country
–Valerie Lester, September 29
In Good Company
–Eugene Melnitchenko, October 6

Telling Creek Time
–Dotty Holcomb Doherty, October 13

From Legos to Logos
–Kathi Hanna, October 20

Turning Toward the Dark
–Frank Fox, October 20

In a Pickle with Late Green Tomatoes?
–Joan Lehmann, November 3

In My Element at Jug Bay
Susan Wheatley, November 11

What Bill Burton Omitted:
The Other Side
E. Joseph Lamp, November 17

Thankful for Mashed Potatoes and More
–M.L. Faunce, November 23

The Wild Goose Hideout
–Jennie L. Deitz, December 8

Dropping into the Winter Bay
–Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, December 15

Christmas at the 7-Eleven
–Ricky Rood, December 15

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