Volume 13 Issue 8
February 24 - March 2, 2005

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
"Making Black History
by Sandra Olivetti Martin


Bosses’ Breathalyzer Bill: A Whiff of Trouble

Letters to the Editor
New Oysters Now
Just Stop the Leaks
Don’t Miss Footworks

Dock of the Bay
Two Treasure Chests of Black History
New Bay Rx: Finish What We Start
Bay Gardener
Artist On the Threshold
Mikulski Asks U.S. Senate to Save Our Crab Cakes
Way Downstream,

Bay Reflections
Tracking Being in a February Melt

Bill Burton on the Bay
Remember When …

Earth Journal
Buffleheads, Cute as Rubber Duckies

Earth Talk
Why Not to Wrap It in Vinyl