Volume 14, Issue 16 ~ April 20 - April 26, 2006


On Earth Day 2006, Bay Weekly’s 13th Birthday

As Earth Day reminds people everywhere to value our shared planet, Bay Weekly celebrates its birthday. No coincidence here. Our first issue appeared on Earth Day, 1993, in synch with the creed that inspired this journalistic experiment: Evaluating who we are begins with exploring where we are. Thirteen years later, we still celebrate this paper’s anniversary with Earth Day, just as we did all those years ago.

We christened this new paper New Bay Times because each word signified part of our mission. New for both the novelty of our creation and our vow to report how this millennial generation learns new ways to live sustainably along Chesapeake Bay and on planet earth. Bay for Chesapeake, our touchstone. Times for the fleeting world we chronicle.

In 1994, we added Weekly to our name to signify our transformation from a fortnightly to a weekly newspaper.

At the millennium, we compressed all that into two words: Bay Weekly.

Where are we now, 13 years later?

Right on target said the Bay this brilliant spring morning.

Water lapped land in this 2,000-mile union of elements that defines estuary, this Bay and Chesapeake Country. At the horizon, the Eastern Shore shimmered. In the mid-distance, tankers moved cargo from the port of Baltimore and into the world. Closer in, a channel was dredged. To the north, the thuds of giant boulders dropping announced men and machines at work on a new jetty. Closer still, a clammer vacuumed the bottom for crab bait. No farther than a ball’s throw, a pretty little wooden runabout bobbed at anchor. The ghosts of the just-passed Volvo fleet lingered, trailing adventure like lures.

Yes, Chesapeake Bay is the center of our civilization.

And Bay Weekly has held its focus over the 13 years, chronicling the life and times of this special place, its people, its creatures, its history and its future.

Best of all, after 13 years, Bay Weekly is still free, providing you the best news for your money.

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