Volume 14, Issue 35 ~ August 31 - September 6, 2006

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50 Ways to Leave Your Summer

Yes, we too are sorry it’s going. But the fresh air of September opens such high horizons that we feel buoyant as a blimp and ready to rise. Read along and find 50 fine ways to turn over a new leaf in Chesapeake autumn.

Find Out Why It’s Hip to be Square

It’s impossible not to have fun square dancing. by Danita Boonchaisri

Go Back to School to Learn How to Raise Your Kids and Save Your Sanity

Back to class to learn what school never taught you. by Janice F. Booth

Way Downstream ~ In Annapolis, somebody’s been tinkering with a constitutional amendement before it gets on our November ballots … In Anne Arundel County, Miller Farm brings preserved farmland to 12,000 acres … On the Eastern Shore, the state Critical Areas Commission gets the last say over a giant proposed golf resort approved as the new neighbor to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge… In St. Mary’s County, 2,000 tons of Woodrow Wilson Bridge lives on as a fish reef at Point No Point … And last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature, in Virginia, killer of car-hopping cat goes directly to jail.


Editorial • Reflection • Letters to the Editor

Bill Burton ~ Meet Dennis Callahan: This former mayor of Annapolis wants to be Anne Arundel County Executive.

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ Garden Math: To Multiply Peonies Divide Now for More Blooms: Large plants make for small flowers.

Earthtalk ~ Breaking Down Landfill Trash: Will waste ever go away?

The Sporting Life ~ Farewell Island Time: Summer’s idyll isn’t something you can discard on a mere whim; it’s a serious condition that has to be handled gently. by Dennis Doyle

Tidelog® Sky Watch ~ Pinching the Flow of Knowledge. by J. Alex Knoll

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