Finding Common Ground

Skateboarders are uniquely resourceful; almost any paved surface is fair game for these renegades to stage daring maneuvers. Which means you’ll find them at unlikely and sometimes illegal spots. Even behind a church. Now Bay area churches find that adding skateboarding to their youth programs is a new way to connect with kids. continue reading...

by Bethany Rodgers

A Tale of Two Businesses

Maryland lawmakers are considering a Global Warming Solutions Act that would give us, the eighth smallest state in the nation, the most stringent laws in the country. continue reading...

by Carrie Madren

Health Is Priceless

Breast cancer takes its toll financially as well as physically and emotionally. Feeling better is a luxury out of reach on a limited income. To even the playing field, Meadow Hill Wellness Center is giving away almost $5,000 in grants for massages, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and more, so people who can’t afford the $80-an-hour shiatsu or $200 initial hypnotherapy session can reap the benefits. continue reading...

by Carrie Madren

Way Downstream

$5.7 million fits the linchpin between the Glendening Nature Preserve at Jug Bay and the Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary … Untrained for the baby wars? Sign up for New Dad Boot Camp … Talbot County signs on with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy to protect Maryland’s Shore heritage … Celebrate National Ground Water Awareness Week March 9 through the 15 … and this week’s Creature Feature: At Bay Weekly, editor-at-very-large Moe hires Nipper the five-pound intern.
continue reading...

Tidewater Go-Bags

Fishing season’s coming; pack your bags now

Go-bag is military slang for a compact utility pack that contains the essentials for a soldier’s operational specialty. In an urgent deployment, a soldier can be out the door and mission capable in seconds. continue reading...

The Awakening

Three animal constellations emerge with the coming of spring

As winter approaches its end, three big, springtime constellations climb out of hibernation in the eastern sky after dark. continue reading...


Fish On!

Once you hear those words, it’s too late

There’s no sweeter music to the ears of an Izaak Walton than those two words. They signal a fish has taken the bait. The fight is about to begin.
continue reading...

Start Planning for Seasons of
Garden Bounty

Double cropping brings forth a cornucopia of veggies

Get the most out of your vegetable garden by double cropping, which means growing two or more crops in immediate succession or at the same time. This requires advance planning but little extra effort. continue reading...

Harnessing Roadside Solar

Paving our highways with photovoltaics could power our nation

The concept of using road surfaces to generate clean solar power is already beyond the idea stage. Roads absorb heat from the sun every day and are usually free of sightline obstructions that could block the transmission of light rays.continue reading...


A March Must:
Fixing Maryland’s Broken Critical Area Law

Updating Maryland’s Critical Area Law for the 21st century ought to be a slam dunk. Not only is it the last line of defense for an ailing Chesapeake Bay. It’s also got a full-team press of power players on its side. continue reading...


Message in a Bottle

I search the beach for winter’s tales

by Lynn Teo Simarski

continue reading...

Where We Live
by Steve Carr

Tired of Problems?

Go off the beaten track

Most weekends, I go hashing. No, I’m not talking about quick jaunts to Amsterdam. The hashing to which I refer is a bit off the beaten track, but it’s totally legal. continue reading...

Letters to the Editor

  • Help a Team of Sisters Fight Cancer

Curtain Call

reviewed by Jane Elkin

Dignity Players’ Antigone: Fine writing and extraordinary acting make this play worth your while.

reviewed by Davina Grace Hill

2nd Star Production’s Leading Ladies: Can love flourish when the suitors are female impersonators?

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