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This Weeks Features:

Putting the Wind to Work

by Carrie Madren

Wind energy is on the cusp of becoming as huge and widely used as solar power, and 400-foot turbines aren’t our only option. Other businesses are taking a smaller approach to wind with windmills you could erect on your property or install at your business. To find out what small wind might mean in Maryland, Bay Weekly shot the breeze with a pioneer who runs his cabin solely on wind power and an entrepreneur who’s outside-the-box wind turbine is actually in a box. continue reading...

Pip and Zastrow: A Friendship in Black and White

by Diana Beechener

Local filmmakers show how 60 years of friendship saved Annapolis. continue reading...

Amble through an Eden of Butterflies

by Carrie Madren

Smithsonian’s new exhibit is well worth the trip.
continue reading...

What's Inside

Bill Burton
Following shad downriver: Soon oysters and crabs will be just a memory, too.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
You needn’t sell the cow for a sky-high beanstalk: Put in a trellis for more spring and summer vegetables.

Way Downstream

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
A sweet afternoon on the Choptank: Yellow perch are running.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
Winter’s last go-round: The Great Winter Circle still lights up the evening sky.


Earth Journal
by Gary Pendleton
Small advances of spring: Liverleaf may not cure a bad liver, but it will help to ease your winter blues.

Earth Talk
The eco-truth about leather: Chic material generates pollution far and near.


Bay Reflection
by M.L. Faunce
Reflecting on Women’s History Month: Among our advances, we’d like half a day off.

Letters to the Editor

Curtain Call
reviewed by Diana Beechener
Colonial Players’ Kiss Me, Kate hits the right notes.

Movie Reviews
Jonathan Parker on The Bank Job: This heist flick smartly wastes little time getting to the good parts: How it’s all planned and how it all turns out.

News of the Weird

Free Will Astrology

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