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One of a Kind Lapine
by Alice Snively
The rabbit came into our lives more than eight years ago, at a time when we were happy empty-nesters with no desire for a pet. But something in his eyes, his demeanor, compelled me to agree to bring him home. Before the day was over, my husband Hugh felt it too, and the fates of one not-quite-grown, black-and-white, Dutch rabbit were joined with ours. continue reading...

Bunny Buyer Beware
by Diana Beechener

Bunnies may look cute as Easter nears, but rabbits are a commitment. Estimated as the third most surrendered pets, rabbits are purchased under the assumption that the small pets will be low maintenance. Not so.
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Can That Be Recycled?
by Carrie Madren
Not only does recycling extend the life of already burdened landfills, it also brings in money for the counties overseeing our recycling efforts. That’s why Calvert and Anne Arundel are looking to boost their percentage of waste that you throw in your recycling tub.

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The Music Scene — Higher Hands
by Rob Goszkowski
There’s a funk revival goin’ on, and it hasn’t missed Annapolis.

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Way Downstream
Bits and bytes from the broader Chesapeake world.

What's Inside

Bill Burton
Perfect pairings: From lamb and mint jelly, contented customers come.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
When you plant a live screen, choose this fine evergreen: Foster #2 holly is the Bay Gardener’s choice for privacy.

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
March madness: We found a silver lining this cloudy day.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
Spring’s celestial hat trick: No ordinary magic rabbit, this hare lays eggs.


Letters to the Editor

Like crabs? Regional Rescue’s theWay to Keep ’Em Comin’
The blue crab news out of Virginia this week was encouraging and hard to believe.

Bay Reflection
by Elizabeth Ayres
Gallivanting on a Good Friday full moon: From dark to light, our spring passage is special this year.

Earth Talk
Plastic water bottles waste vast resources to bring us tap water.

Curtain Call
reviewed by Ben Miller
Chivalry and pageantry at Arundel Mills: The courtly spectacle is as carefully choreographed as a Broadway play.

Movie Reviews
Jonathan Parker on Horton Hears a Who!
We learn a lesson and we feel an overwhelming sense of hope at the same time.

News of the Weird

Free Will Astrology

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