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Do It In
a Day

by Ben Miller
On March 25, 1634, settlers from the ships the Ark and the Dove held a Mass of Thanksgiving on St. Clement’s Island in Chesapeake Bay, marking the formal beginning of the Maryland colony. This week, on one special day, commemorative events run free from noon to 5pm at historic sites, houses and history museums. Some private residences are open to the public for this one day only, making March 30 your day to reconnect with the happenings of Maryland’s 374 years. continue reading...

Carving Her Niche

by Carrie Madren
When Annapolis sculptor and teacher Deborah Banker turned 50, she wanted a rock. But she didn’t want the sparkly kind that comes in karats. What Banker wanted was a 683-pound chunk of raspberry alabaster. After more than a year, each change in the rock has been wrought by Banker’s stamina, each blow a feat of mind and muscle as woman masters stone. continue reading...

Way Downstream
Bits and bytes from the broader Chesapeake world.

Voyages of Discovery
by Lynn Teo Simarski and
Guy G. Guthridge

Our trawler goes to the spa: Haulouts reveal a boat’s inner life — and the owners’ secrets,

What's Inside

Bill Burton
Voices of the Chesapeake: Michael Buckley, David Harp and Lenny Rudow have created an encyclopedia of the Bay.

The Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin
Spring has sprung, but don’t jump the gun: Ways to safely scratch your early-season gardening itch.

Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle
A ton of fun for their size: Overlooked by anglers obsessed with size, herring make good catching and good eating.

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll
A timely toast to spring: when sent on an errand by an Olympian, promptness pays.


Letters to the Editor

Maryland’s Department of the Environment promises aggressive steps beginning next week to stanch the flow of pollution from Eastern Shore poultry farms into Chesapeake Bay.
Voyages of Discovery
by Lynn Teo Simarski and
Guy G. Guthridge


by Mary Lee Kingsley
Robert Hellman: Farewell to a Chesapeake neighbor.

Earth Talk
Torn and tattered doesn’t mean trash-bound for textiles.

Movie Reviews
Mark Burns on Drillbit Taylor: Much humor is intended, but little comes through in this noodle-armed .

News of the Weird

Free Will Astrology

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