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Volume 16, Issue 3 - January 17 - January 23, 2008

This Week's Features:

Double Duty

When legislators roll into Annapolis each January for the three-month session, few are rested from nine months vacation. Most legislators are ordinary citizens with everyday jobs, just like ours. During those nine off-session months, they earn their livings. When session rolls around, it’s double duty, and they must and eek out time for eating, sleeping and seeing family.

Politicians aren’t all lawyers, though 33 lawyers were elected to legislative office. More, 35, are businessmen and -women; 12 are public administrators; 12 are educators; six are consultants. We’ve also elected bankers, real estate brokers, accountants, clergy, police, computer experts, insurance sellers, physicians, a pharmacist, a steamship clerk and a chauffer.

In this the first week of session, Bay Weekly caught up with eight local lawmakers — with non-session careers from helicopter pilot to farmer to jeweler — to find out how they juggle their professional duties during session.

by Carrie Madren

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By the Light of the Moon

With no light source of its own, Luna relies on the sun

The waxing moon brightens our evening skies, appearing high in the east as darkness settles at week’s end. By Tuesday, the full Wolf Moon rises in the northeast as the sun sets in the southwest at 5:30. This is no coincidence, as the moon generates no light of its own, instead relying on sunlight to illuminate its face.

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Illustration: © Copyright 1925 M.C. Escher/Cordon Art-Baarn-Holland; Graphics: © Copyright 2007 Pacific Publishers. Reprinted by permission from the Tidelog graphic almanac. Bound copies of the annual Tidelog for Chesapeake Bay are $14.95 ppd. from Pacific Publishers, Box 480, Bolinas, CA 94924. Phone 415-868-2909. Weather affects tides. This information is believed to be reliable but no guarantee of accuracy is made by Bay Weekly or Pacific Publishers. The actual layout of Tidelog differs from that used in Bay Weekly. Tidelog graphics are repositioned to reflect Bay Weekly’s distribution cycle.Tides are based on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and are positioned to coincide with high and low tides of Tidelog.

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What’s a Fisherman to Do in Winter?

Look back on the best catches of yore

The codfish is held in high esteem in Boston. When small, its flesh is tender with a fine texture and goes by the name of scrod. Scrod, many a New Englander brags, is the only swimming thing that tastes better than cod. Order any of those newly popular, exotic and expensive fish from far away and it can’t compare with even the bigger cod, certainly not the scrod.

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Pruning Primer: Part I

Don’t let overgrown shrubs conquer your home

Has your house disappeared behind the shrubbery? Do branches and thorns scratch you as you walk down your sidewalk? If so, then your once-aesthetic landscaping has become a nuisance.

Memories Are Made of This

Every misplaced object reminds me of a story

In spite of a firm intention to put my sporting gear away promptly and properly, once again it just hasn’t happened. As I gaze across my disorganized workroom, I spy a boat bag that’s been missing.

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Shrinking Your Energy Footprint

First use less; then consider carbon offsets

Carbon offsets are contributions you as a consumer or businessperson make to capitalize alternative energy. You’re right, Miranda: They’re conscience-money to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions you generate directly by driving, flying, running the air conditioning and otherwise using non-renewable energy. Companies and nonprofit groups that sell offsets use the money they generate to fund alternative energy and other projects that will ultimately eliminate greenhouse gas emissions (such as wind farms that can replace coal-fired power plants in generating electricity).

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Earth Journal by Gary Pendleton

We Are Not Alone

Tracks are legible proof of the presence of other members of our Chesapeake family

The sandy beach is flanked by a pair of tall clay cliffs. It is 8am; the pink sky turns blue, and a mist lifts from the cold water to shroud the cliffs, about a mile or so distant. A loon calls from out on the Bay, and the scoters make a rustling sound with their wings.

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When It’s Us vs. Them, We All Lose

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Way Downstream

Elvis celebrates 73rd birthday at Calvert Senior Center … Another half-million dollars worth of oysters to be poured in the Patuxent River … Prison for tanker engineer who dumped waste oil in the Bay … D.C. considers banning most dishwasher detergents plus, this week’s Creature Feature: In Florida, more manatees but still not many.

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Not yet overcoming: Forty years since Dr. King’s dream, some still see in black and white.

by Michelle Steel

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Letters to the Editor

  • Loving Mary Ann Love

  • Finding the Key Ingredients

  • Inspired to Fitness
  • Massive Winter Bird Count Coming

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Curtain Call

Spend an Enchanted April with Colonial Players.

reviewed by Diana Beechener

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