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Volume 16, Issue 4 - January 24 - January 30, 2008

This Week's Features:

Primary Ruckus

Two against one:

In the First Congressional District, state senators aim to take down a GOP veteran
Conversations with Bay Weekly editor Sandra Olivetti Martin

Feeling left out of this exciting presidential campaign? Even Maryland’s new, earlier primary date doesn’t give us much clout in choosing the candidates. By February 12, when we vote, more than half of the states will have spoken.

But here in Chesapeake Country, we have our own riveting congressional contest in the challenge of Rep. Wayne Gilchrest by not one but five would-be U.S. House members, including two state senators, Andy Harris and E.J. Pipkin.

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Walking in a Winter Wonder Land

World-class sculptors populate the woods of Calvert County’s Annmarie Garden

by Ben and Cathy Miller

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The Kids Are Alright

Ten years in, Battle of the Bands keeps the music playing

by Rob Goskowski

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Searching for the Man who Saw God

Engravings of William Blake at the Mitchell Gallery
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright in the forests of the night.

Reviewed by Ben Miller

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First Planet from the Sun

After 30-plus years, we’re seeing Mercury in a whole new light

As the sun sets a little before 5:30 this week, Mercury appears as a steady light low in the west-southwest before setting around 6:30. Never straying more than 28 degrees from the glare of the sun, Mercury is elusive and not an easy planet to spot.

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Illustration: © Copyright 1925 M.C. Escher/Cordon Art-Baarn-Holland; Graphics: © Copyright 2007 Pacific Publishers. Reprinted by permission from the Tidelog graphic almanac. Bound copies of the annual Tidelog for Chesapeake Bay are $14.95 ppd. from Pacific Publishers, Box 480, Bolinas, CA 94924. Phone 415-868-2909. Weather affects tides. This information is believed to be reliable but no guarantee of accuracy is made by Bay Weekly or Pacific Publishers. The actual layout of Tidelog differs from that used in Bay Weekly. Tidelog graphics are repositioned to reflect Bay Weekly’s distribution cycle.Tides are based on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and are positioned to coincide with high and low tides of Tidelog.

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Tilting at Windmills

Wind is our best hope for harnessing no-carbon-footprint energy

Here it is well more than 300 years later, and amongst us today are more than a few Don Quixotes mistakenly taking windmills for giant enemies when in fact they might well play an important role in the salvation of our Earth. Wind and windmills leave no carbon footprints.

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Pruning Shrubs Gone Wild: Part 2

Sharpen up; Pruning season is only weeks away

If your once-lovely shrubs have become more beastly than beautiful, there’s hope in your shears. An overgrown landscape of azaleas, rhododendrons, hollies, boxwood, yews, viburnums, forsythia, weigela, buddleia, cherry laurel or cotoneaster can be salvaged with judicious pruning.

Get Ready, Get Set

for the 2008 Angling Season

The darkness before the dawn has passed. Our winter solstice was over a month ago. The past few days have been bitter cold, but the days are getting longer and the sun shines earlier. It may be still some time before our weather is comfortable, but temperate days are getting closer — not further away.

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The Real Harm of Litter

Trash is more than an eyesore; it’s an ecological pain

Environmentalists consider litter a nasty side effect of our convenience-oriented, disposable culture. Just to highlight the scope of the problem, California alone spends $28 million a year cleaning up and removing litter along its roadways. And once trash gets free, wind and weather move it from streets and highways to parks and waterways. One study found that 18 percent of litter ends up in rivers, streams and oceans.

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Warming Up on a Bright Idea

Chesapeake Beach’s Water Park is spiffing up for its 14th summer. That’s a comforting piece of news to warm up Chesapeake winter, reminding us that we do indeed have reliable weather in our future that nearly demands we strip down to bare flesh and jump into cool, refreshing water.

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Way Downstream

On Chesapeake Bay, boaters would be wise to keep in mind that Congress — which giveth and taketh away — left in place two income tax deductions.

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Where Have All the Barber Shops Gone?

In search of a vanishing species

by Allen Delaney

Barberous Tabernus, more commonly the Barber Shop, is a vanishing species in our country. Salons, spas and stylists with cutesy names such as The Hair Port or Snips and Clips have replaced the corner barbershop.

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Letters to the Editor

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Curtain Call

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