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Volume 17, Issue 52 - December 26, 2008 - January 1, 2009
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Letter From the Editor

Slow Down This Week

It’s your Last chance to see where you’ve been in 2008

You’ve noticed, haven’t you, the annual hourglass effect?

Beginning around the autumnal equinox, when light and dark stand for a moment in perfect balance, time starts rushing into the future. Halloween cascades into Thanksgiving, which avalanches into Christmas — and here we are, saying goodbye to another year. Before we’ve gotten used to writing 2008 (I’m still in shock at writing 200x), it’s time to learn to write 2009.

We’ve just sped through the fastest month of the year, the week of Hanukkah and Christmas, giddy-fast with the bustle demanded by making ready those great celebrations.

Now, with just a few grains of sand left in the year’s time glass, comes the week we slow down. Stretch out your words. Take time-delayed Mother-May-I steps. Read Bay Weekly from cover to cover. Work sudoku and Ben Tausig’s crossword, called Bum Deal this week.

Revisit Chesapeake Country as you’ve toured it in the 2,016 pages of Bay Weekly during 2008.

We at Bay Weekly slow so far down this last week of the year that we look back. Ahead can wait on Vol. xvii No. 1 — and all its kin — already beating at our door to be let in from the future.

Exceptions to our retrospective are our Eight Days a Week calendar of events, this week’s theatre review, The Fantasticks, movie reviews and show times, where we don’t think you’d appreciate being sent into the past. Nor do we want the karmic burden of playing time tricks on your life’s opportunities, so this week’s Free Will Astrology column is real time, as is News of the Weird, for there’s enough odd human behavior to fill the Jovian year, 11.86 times longer than Earth’s.

Looking back, we see we’ve told some good stories this year. Timeless I might almost call them, because they’re as fresh, informative and entertaining now as when they appeared on our pages. Windmills, church skateboard parks, Ball watches and the menhaden fleet salvaged from duty in World Ward II — all might have faded from memory if we hadn’t looked back.

Join us in seeing where we’ve been in 2008. This is your last chance to reminisce, except online at, where our extensive archives break the time barrier.

Next week, 2008 becomes last year’s news. See you then, as we see what novelties 2009 brings.

And enjoy the slow time of a full hourglass.

Thank you for reading Bay Weekly this past year and all these years.

Now, auld lang syne and happy new year!

         Sandra Olivetti Martin

     editor and publisher


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