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Volume 16, Issue 8 - February 21 - February 27, 2008

This Week's Features:

Paving the Way

Weaving through rush hour traffic while cursing at the driver next to you does not leave the average commuter a lot of time for historic ruminations. The observant motorist, however, can travel through African American history in Maryland by taking a careful route through Anne Arundel and Calvert counties.

by Diana Beechener

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Way Downstream

Yes we can become 15 percent more energy efficient by 2015 … Calvert County wants your stories and memorabilia of local veterans … Calvert County’s Lyme disease crusader Cheryl Emery tells her frightening story — first published in Bay Weekly — in a new book … and last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: The ghostly white stag of the Scottish Highlands.

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A Changing of the Guard

Mighty Orion gives way to nurturing Virgo

The winter constellation Orion stands high in the south at sunset, just before 6:00 this week. One of the most familiar shapes in the heavens, Orion is highlighted by the line of three bright stars, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, forming his belt.

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Put Out the Light

Conservationist Teddy Roosevelt’s last words still guide us

The four final words of the great Bull Moose, one of my favorite presidents, on January 6, 1919, were bywords for my generation. Comedian Fred Allen said the words most spoken in his generation were “Go easy on the butter; it’s 10 cents a pound.” But at our farm, there was a cow or two, and Grandma Burton churned the butter.

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Grow a Vegetable Garden in Tight Quarters

Plan now to plant produce in a small space

A full-size garden isn’t necessary to grow your own fresh vegetables. You can start with as little as a square foot of garden space. Seed catalogs and nurseries offer varieties of dwarf vegetables that you can grow successfully in limited space, including planter boxes.

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Congressional Politics on Chesapeake Bay

Congressmen rarely lose their seats in the U.S. House, especially in their own party primaries. Incumbents have a host of built-in advantages that range from newsletters to district-enriching pork-projects and other goodies to electoral districts often drawn in their favor.

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If Only the Academy Would Listen

Jonathan Parker’s ninth annual Oscar Picks

Hangin’ with the Yella Fellas

This angler’s spring arrives early

Flipping my small, gold spoon out from the stream bank, I said a prayer to the fish gods. The winter had been hard on my disposition; my wife had just recommended — actually she had demanded — that I get out of the house and onto the water. So here I was.

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Swimming in Troubled Waters

How to buy less waste

Yes, food packaging is a big problem in North America as well as elsewhere around the world, with landfills filling up and recyclers facing a glut of materials to process.

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Where We Live
by Steve Carr


Did You Vote?

How Maryland can double its best turnout

We constantly extol the unique virtues of American democracy. We are trying to export our system to places like Africa and the Arab world. Yet, on average, only half the people in this country, state and county vote in any given election.

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Letters to the Editor

  • Drawing a Line Between Reporting and Editorializing

  • Keeping South County Rural


Curtain Call

reviewed by Dick Wilson

Twin Beach Players’ Heartstrings: This Valentine show is no syrupy tale of young lovers whose hearts are on the verge of breaking until redeemed by a Valentine card.


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