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Volume xviii, Issue 2 ~ January 14 - January 20, 2010

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This Week’s Feature . . .

My Friend Mr. Boy

A tale of a cat born to the Bay

“Are these your cats?” asked the neighbor who had noticed the squirming box atop the right front fender of Bay Weekly’s white Suburban. By then a white head had pushed through the folded top of the Pennzoil box and a kitten had struggled out. Thus Boy became the lucky 13th member of the Bay Weekly founding household.

Back to Work at the Maryland State House

Important events have marked the history of the edifice where the Maryland General Assembly has begun its 427th session

George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army, resigned in the Old Senate Chamber. Three weeks later, the Treaty of Paris was signed in the same room, officially ending the Revolutionary War.

Frost on the Feathers

Document your feathered friends’ struggle for survival

Have you ever seen a blue jay escaping the cold, sipping a hot toddy, perched in front of a warming fire? If so, Cornell University wants to hear from you.

Colonial Players’
The Lion
in Winter

What family doesn’t have its ups and downs?

James Goldman’s clever dialogue has made The Lion in Winter an audience favorite for over 40 years. He paints the fine line between comedy and tragedy like an illuminated manuscript, and Colonial Players’ production is as stunning for its passion and pomp as for its playfulness.

The Bay Gardener

by Dr. Frank Gouin

Dreaming of Fruit Trees?

Then you need to know about cross-pollination

To promote diversity, Mother Nature designed her plants so that each tree or shrub cannot pollinate itself. For seeds to be produced, the pollen must come from a different seedling.

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Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

Celestial Navigating

This stuff is cosmic

Earth spins at a 231⁄2-degree tilt, its north-south axis shifting over a 26,000-year cycle, called the precession of the equinoxes, and pointing at different pole stars. Twelve thousand years ago, Vega in the constellation Lyra was the Pole Star. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs built their pyramids to face Thuban in Draco the dragon, the North Star of the time.

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Youth In Revolt

A good boy goes bad to win a girl’s devotion in this awkward comedy.

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by Dennis Doyle

When It’s Too Cold to Fish, Shop

Catalogs and shows put the bait too close to resist

Utilizing an extended lip that makes the plug dive, surge and wriggle like struggling baitfish, crank baits come in every size, shape and color imaginable.

We Live

by Steve Carr

An Ounce of Prevention

Here’s one of those things
I wish I’d known

Many of today’s scientists are young and never saw the
Bay in good shape. So they don’t notice how much we have lost, and they don’t feel the urgency of the threat.

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