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Volume xviii, Issue 30 ~ July 29 - August 4, 2010

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If Only He’d Been a Terp

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for Ron Stein’s July 8 exclusive about Nolan Smith, the local basketball star at Duke University. Being a Maryland fan, I admit it was kind of hard reading about the success of someone who could have been a Terp if our recruiting was up to par. But Terps fans have gotten used to that.

I really liked how the story began, reliving the final moments of the Duke-Butler NCAA final this year, which was one of the best endings to a college hoops season ever.

I’m old enough to remember his father (Derek), another great Southern Maryland player who got away. I came away with a better appreciation of the drive and determination it takes young people to make it to the big time, as Nolan Smith has done. Some readers probably snickered when he said he wanted to be an actor some day. But I’m thinking that it’s not only possible, it’s probable! (After a pro career.)

Thanks again for a good summer read.

–B. Roberts, Crofton

Another Osprey Saga

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoy reading about M.C. Koblos’ adventures with his birds in The Osprey Saga. I, too, am a bird watcher, especially the osprey. I have a stand off my point on Mill Creek in Drum Point. This year I have three babies: Eenie, Meenie and Miney (there ain’t no Moe). Ozzie and Harriet have returned for years and have two or three babies each time. This is the first time all three have actually fledged. Over the years, something seems to happen, so the most I have had fledge is two.

Monday, July 19, the first one took off around 9:30am (after they had watched a pod of dolphins swim up the creek at 6:30 and return soon afterward). Number 2 fledged around noon, but Number 3 checked things out and said, No way; not today. I’ll just hang out here and let Pop bring home the bacon — uh, make that fish.

So the two soared, swooped, landed on our roof (that’s a nice big safe place) and landed in an old snag near the seawall, looking like drunks hanging on a lamp post and in general just having a really cool time. Of course, they all returned to the nest by evening for a last chow down and lullaby before going to sleep.

Tuesday, they took off early, tried to go to the snag again, but Pop was still there eating his breakfast, so they began to taunt their little chicken brother or sister. Mom couldn’t be bothered with all this racket; she was also having breakfast with Number 3 still begging to be fed. Soon, he was standing on the edge and flapping, then falling back down, flapping again and so on. I could tell the other two were really razing him and probably calling him some very choice names. While he was standing on the edge, really wanting to lift off, Mom got behind him and wouldn’t let him back up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t give him a gentle shove because with a wild squawk he took off.

Now, they just sing, Look at me, look at me, I’m free, I’m free!

They continue to be my daily entertainment. What a joy!

I wanted to share my adventures because I believe you understand the simple pleasures they bring each day.

–Alice Hall, Solomons

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