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Volume xviii, Issue 9 ~ March 4 - March 10, 2010

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This Week’s Features . . .

The Sound of Stimulus

For 25 years, the Picassos at Paul Reed Smith Guitars have approached each instrument as a work of art. Federal stimulus money is helping make sure that doesn’t change.

Through The American Recovery Act, the fabled guitar maker found the means to keep its remaining workers working full-time in these hard times: $33,500 for cross-training in new skills.

Sporting Life

by Dennis Doyle

Salving Winter's Wounds

The Annual Tie-Fest was a welcome antidote to the oppressive winter weather.

Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

The Changing of the Guard

While one season’s stars set, another season’s rise

Over the weekend, as Orion sets, look to the east for the moon in pre-dawn skies rising with Orion’s bane, the spring constellation, Scorpius.

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Cop Out

The name says it all: an unrefined tale stacked with good scenes botched or dulled by poor delivery. Save this one for a sick day with basic cable.

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Anatomy of a Murder

In a tough economy, Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa plans to make a killing.

The evidence and bodies pile up, seemingly with every meal. Not to worry: you’ll still have time to take in Chesapeake views and maybe schedule a massage as you work out the clues.

Bay Gardener

by Dr. Francis Gouin

Winter’s Ravages

What to do when your evergreens turn yellow.

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Between the Beltway and a Hard Place

Chesapeake Arts Center celebrates nine years of art in 10th anniversary

Chesapeake Arts Center has plenty to celebrate. Nine years ago, the center was a lofty idea in need of a building.

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This Week’s Creature Feature ...

Dolphin mother-in-watching due to deliver.

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Bay Theatre’s Mauritius

This action-packed sting will launch you from the edge of your seat to Grandpa’s stamp album in search of buried treasure.

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Tom Wisner’s Name Lives On

Re-Christianed Tom Wisner Environmental Education Center at King’s Landing Park.

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Cat and Mouse

As the cat stares under the oven, we realize a Country Mouse has become a City Mouse.

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