Sharpen Your Birding Skills

Resources abound online and in nature to help you sharpen your birding skills. Here’s a short list, organized by key questions

    Find tips on birding basics plus how to identify birds by song and plumage at All About Birds:
    Watch Blackwater Refuge’s eagle cam. The bald eagle lays its eggs in January:
    Become a Citizen Scientist with Project FeederWatch and submit the birds you’re seeing:
    Join the Feb. 13-16 Great Backyard Bird Count to help scientists get a snapshot of bird numbers and distribution:

    Find out what birders have seen in your county and locate nearby hotspots for your next birding adventure. You can also submit your own observations: eBird:
    Visit a banding operation at Chino Farms:
    Join Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary’s First Saturday Bird walks and surveys:
    Join Patuxent Research Refuge’s bird walks and owl prowls:

    Find the right binoculars for birding at or Both sites offer reviews and information plus videos on using binoculars to best advantage.
    Find a good review of bird field guides:
    Find reviews of best Apps for learning bird songs at Cornell Ornithological Lab: