No, you’re not seeing things.    
    When you thought you saw Kevin Spacey getting coffee at 49 West, drinking martinis on Metropolitan’s roof deck or throwing darts at Stan & Joe’s it wasn’t a mirage from the extreme heat wave and lack of air conditioning. It was Keyser Soze, seriously.
    Spacey, in Baltimore filming the Netflix production House of Cards, has been frequenting Annapolis hot spots. According to Men’s Journal, Metropolitan is one of his favorite spots — ever. “It’s both a music venue with live bands and a bar with a roof deck. A very cool place,” Spacey told the magazine.
    Gavin Buckely, co-owner of Metropolitan, Tsunami and Lemongrass, said Spacey is just a normal guy trying to live a normal life. But Kevin Spacey isn’t just like you and me. When things get hectic, he dips — through the back door.