Suds and Scents

      The Bowen family is making a career out of their passion for creating bath, body and home products.

         For Lance Bowen and daughter Ella, that’s experimenting with scented items.

         “They created soaps, candles, lotions, body wash, lip scrubs, salt and sugar scrubs and more,” says wife and mother Danielle Bowen.

         Danielle and son Austin got in on the act as “testers and in critiques and marketing.”

         The family project kept growing.

         “Once we got past the initial testing and improvement stages, we included our friends and family,” Danielle says. “We loved the excitement we have built around making our own products and wanted to share with more than just our friends and family. This lead to the idea of creating a place that people could come in to create both memories and their own products.”

         This year, the family opened Blended Essentials in Severna Park.

         Customers make their own soaps, candles, bath bombs, scrubs, diffusers, wax melts and more. Pre-made items are also available for purchase.

         The shop is committed to being environmentally responsible.

         “We source local, natural, eco-friendly and health-friendly ingredients,” Danielle says.

         Candles are made with soy-wax, cotton wicks and fragrances or essential oils. Soaps are made in five blends of goat’s milk, shea butter, oatmeal shea, olive oil and palm oil.

         Lance Bowen brings more than creativity to the team. He has a masters degree in cell molecular biology and a PhD in environmental toxicology. “His love for science research has brought us the best products for you to make,” Danielle says.

         Customers get to pick a container for their creations. Many are repurposed from bowls, coffee cups, wine glasses or trinket bowls. Used candle jars can be repurposed. Bring in a used, non-plastic candle jar and you can make and take home a new candle with your choice of scent and color.

         The shop also offers private ­classes for small groups and larger parties. “Our space is calming, engaging and inspiring to all ages,” Danielle says. “Our intention is to build relationships through creativity.”