Thanks for the Memories

Dear Bay Weekly:
    I was just beside myself with delight over the latest Bay Weekly with the Summer Memories story, as I know some of the people and places.
    I especially like Ann Park’s memory as I built an addition on the house and also worked on the Sinyard boarding house — now a bed and breakfast — where she and her family ate $1 chicken dinners.
    And I loved the story from the fellow [J.C. Bowie} who had a john boat running around the West River and met the girl on the floating dock. I grew up around there, and that’s just where we used to go.
    That was the perfect Chesapeake Bay love story, because in the end she disappeared with her virtuosity intact and stayed that way in his mind for the rest of his life. You — or at least I — wouldn’t want to know what they were up to later on.

–John Autrey, Huntingtown