The Osprey Saga

Last Monday morning when I went out to look for Junior, he was not on the pier he was on the night before. He was on the roof of a boathouse two piers farther away from his nest. His mother was with him and having him flap his wings and run around the roof. He would get about six inches into the air, then settle back on the roof. Finally, she got him to fly, led him home to the nest platform and fed him.

Next thing I knew, he was no longer with his mother. He was back on the pier where he spent the night, sitting on one of the pilings. I guess that has become his place. Like any kid, he wants to be away from his mother and on his own.

By Wednesday afternoon, he was soaring and swooping with his father high up over the nest site, while his mom sat and watched. He’s always on the go now but never fails to make it home for supper around 3pm. He’s on the go again as soon as he eats.

Eventually his mother has to go and drag him home and actually make him lie down flat on the platform and rest. It’s hilarious.

Here is another great photo by my friend Sam Wood. Junior’s the one on the left with the sprinkled white markings.