The Shows Must Go On

Doug Segree performs for a virtual audience.

Live Local Music Nightly Through May 2 

What if we told you that you could listen to great music and support local musicians without leaving home? 

Tunes from the Town showcases local performers every night now through May 2. Don’t worry, if you miss them “live,” you can still view shows online past that date, and fill the artists’ tip jars. 

The virtual concert series, hosted by Annapolis Towne Centre and Annapolis-based Symmetry Creative Agency, provides financial relief to out-of-work, Annapolis-area musicians through Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM). 

“Annapolis Towne Centre and Symmetry Creative Agency will be matching donations made to the musicians, dollar for dollar, until they reach a total of $5,000,” says Ben Isenberg, principal of Symmetry Creative Agency. “That means we will be providing a total of $10,000 in donations.” 

Funds raised go into the AMFM general fund and then distributed to musicians whose livelihood has been impacted by COVID-19.  

“We’ve been hit just like every other industry that’s gotten shut down,” says Matt McConville, founder and president of Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians. “Every professional musician I know is not working at all.” 

“Thankfully, we were able to get money out immediately,” McConville says. “In some cases, we know we are getting them grocery money.”  

Each hour-long performance begins at 8pm on the performers’ Facebook pages as well as the Facebook pages of Annapolis Towne Centre and Visit Annapolis. 

Performers will provide a link for tipping during their performances but viewers can also donate at the AMFM website ( click on the donate button at the top of the page).  

The concert series began April 15 and features rock, pop, blues, acoustic roots and more.  

“We’re already having an incredible turnout,” Isenberg says. “Just two nights in, we had raised roughly $2,000 in donations and are averaging 2,000 views each night.” 

Doug Segree was one of the first performers to participate in the concert series. 

“At first it felt very odd to play to an empty room, but then again, any musician would tell you it’s not the first time,” says Segree with a laugh. “I’m used to being able to read the crowd and feed off their energy.” 

Once he got past the initial strangeness, Segree quickly adapted. 

“As long as I focus on the music and the songs I’m playing — and remember to look straight ahead at the camera every so often — you get used to it,” Segree says. “The comments that come in from those watching make it easier to connect with your audience.” 

Segree even takes virtual requests. “People asked for everything from my own music—even the old-school songs that I had to relearn—to pop songs from every decade,” Segree says. “Requests are a big part of interacting with the virtual audience. Everyone gets involved.” 

Line Up: 

04/23 – Nick DePietro (of The Vibesmen) 

04/24 – Mac & Blue 

04/25 – Charles Kavoossi With Jessie Dean 

04/26 – Timmie Metz 

04/27– Ray and Savannah Weaver 

04/28 – Noelle & Jeff Packett 

04/29 – J & Todd Kreuzburg 

04/30 – Jordan Sokel of  Pressing Strings 

05/01 – Pete Best / Peterbuilt 

05/02 – The Befuddlers