The Tall Price of SMECO Power

Dear Bay Weekly:

Crossing the languid Patuxent River south on Hill’s Bridge has always meant trading the frenzied world of the metro area for farm and forest. Rolling through southern Anne Arundel into Calvert County brings an involuntary sigh of relief as clouds give way to sunsets under tranquil skies.

But wait! One is suddenly confronted by megalithic monstrosities that seem to have erupted from far below the fertile earth. New, yet somehow simultaneously rusted and corroded, hulking specters of some decayed industrial netherworld blight our bucolic visage. Hideous headless beasts that threaten imminent transformation to heights of 100 feet march heedless of historic homes and hamlets.

Must these purveyors of much-needed electric service also despoil and deface Calvert County’s main artery and country lanes as well? Surely there are alternatives to protect residents’ property values and visitors’ views from the unsightly metallic brutes that have abruptly appeared. Or has the utility company dropped the word Cooperative from its masthead?

–Carol Shomette, Dunkirk