This Week’s Creature Feature

As cold weather sets in and you fill your bird feeders, you’ll find hours of entertainment — and bafflement — in their behavior. What are they up to with all the strutting, head-bobbing, feather-fluffing and wing flapping?

Get the answers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, now enrolling backyard birders in the online bird-behavior course Investigating Behavior: Courtship and Rivalry in Birds.

Over five weeks, you’ll learn how to observe and interpret bird behavior in terms of reproduction and survival.

“You’ll explore and appreciate a new little corner of your world,” says instructor Kevin McGowan. “We’ll have you thinking like a bird!”

Enrolled students get free access to The Birds of North America Online with its comprehensive information about North American birds, including images, sound and video. 

The online course begins December 8. Class size is limited.

Sign up at $295 plus $30 registration fee w/member discounts: Megan Whitman, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 607-254-2121; [email protected]