This Week’s Creature Feature … Blue-Water Boaters Sought for Sea Bird Count

Each year, thousands of citizens report their bird sightings to the Christmas Bird Count, the longest-running citizen science project in the world. This year researchers are hoping that citizens will take this bird sighting zeal from land to sea.
    The Christmas Bird Count at Sea aims to obtain information on pelagic birds, which spend their lives at sea. Because the birds are rarely researched, there is little way of telling how their habitats and lives are affected by natural disasters and environmental changes.
    The Christmas Bird Count hopes that boaters in the Seven Seas Cruising Association, Ocean Cruising Club and Cruising Club of America will supply thousands of reports on the birds. The watch isn’t limited to club members; all deep-water cruisers are welcome to report their sightings.
    The first sea-sighting event is scheduled for December 2011.
    To join: