Timing the Movies

Dear Bay Weekly:
    I enjoy reading the paper each week, but want to point out that the accuracy of the movie times has been horrible lately. Last Monday we went to Black Swan at Annapolis Harbour Center, only to find the time was 20 minutes off. This Saturday we drove from North Beach to the Annapolis Mall to watch a listed movie, The Mechanic, only to be told it wasn’t even playing there.
    We decided to complain about the postings since the Bay Weekly was distributed there. We were told that the theaters do not have anything to do with the postings in the newspaper, you put this information in yourself, and they don’t know where you get your information.
    Really? If so, a disclaimer should be posted along with the information. When you post the times, they are seen as having been authenticated.
    Thanks for listening

–Barbara Tether, North Beach